The sun's golden rays paint the clouds red.
Each season casts a different light here, on the garden and temple.
Here where earth meets sky, past meets present. Stroll through history.
Make a new memory in this eternal place.

Welcome to FUFU Nara
Nature, hospitality, harmony.



Surrounded by the warmth of wood


Healthy traditional cuisines of Nara

Health-conscious and delicious, this is the dining style of FUFU Nara.
Japanese Kaiseki cuisines here are prepared with local intergrading vegetables, spices, and Japanese herbs. Feel your body slowly warming up as you enjoy the food,
Please enjoy your dinner in the mystic night-color of Nara.



Aroma of herbs and hot springs

The aroma of lush greenery of the garden that changes features with the seasons. Natural hot springs you can bathe in while taking in the sacred air of Nara. Moments you can only savor here.
A dip in a herb bath is a treat unique to Nara, as it is said to be the birthplace of Japanese herbal medicine.

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  • SPA

The herb-medicinal spa and the deep relax

The herb-medicinal spa and the deep relax
Personalized Treatments suit each customer are offered in FUFU Nara.
The spa rooms are created by incorporating traditional Nara-architectures and offers a peaceful atmosphere. Indulge in quality time surrounded by soft lights and oriental features.

Fufu Nara is situated in the corner of Nara Park surrounded by garden trees.
It’s convenient to visit Nara's world cultural heritage spots from FUFU Nara. Todaiji Temple or Kasuga Taisha Shrine is only taking 10-15 mins by walk.